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You deserve to be happy. Michele Glassenbury, your professional psychologist in Parkdale, takes the time to listen to you so you can start on the road to recovery, peace and wellbeing. 

Professional therapy in Parkdale

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Diagnosing the problem

When life seems to be crashing down around you, recognising the issue can help you find the life line.

As a licensed psychologist, Michele Glassenbury assists clients by guiding them through their problems and helping them find solutions. Like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds, an accurate diagnosis of your problem helps you feel validated and illuminates your path as you move forward. 

Making the change

Our clinic offers a full range of professional therapy and counselling services for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, stress management, addictions (including eating disorders) and more. 

Michele caters to the needs of all individuals regardless of whether they are highly distressed or lacking a sense of fulfilment or wellbeing in their lives. 

In our professional one-on-one environment, your voice will be heard as we coach you towards the personal improvements you’re looking for. 
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Confidentiality is our priority

We realise just how important trust is for your counselling experience. The issues that you discuss with your psychologist are often difficult to talk about. For this reason, Michele makes confidentiality a priority as she helps you achieve balance in your emotional, physical and interpersonal health. At our clinic, you will always receive warm, considerate and private care. 

Michele Glassenbury can help you get back on your feet.

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When you’re looking for a way out, turn to your local professional. 
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